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Fabric Antiques: By far the largest numbers of antique items created, in pioneer Canada, were made of fabric: hats, shirts, coats, breeches, dresses, shawls, shoes, mitts, socks, stockings, etc. not to mention sheets, blankets, coverlets, ticks, mattresses, and quilts. Of quilts alone, a woman might make hundreds in her lifetime, both "utility quilts," which wore out from constant use, and "good" quilts, which were only trotted out for special occasions. But of all the antique materials, fabric is the most fragile, and is why fabric antiques were the first to disappear and are so hard to find today.
Great Canadian Victorian & Edwardian Commemorative Fabrics
Flags - Agar Adamson's Transvaal Republic Trophy Flag c 1900
Flags & Banners 1 c 1897-1911
Flags & Banners 2 c 1897-1911
Flag - Golden Jubilee 1887
Flags - Fake! c 1900
Gauntlets of the RNWMP 1904-20
Handkerchiefs & Scarves c 1897-1900
Quilt: - Louis Riel Rebellion c 1885
Samplers 1741-1896
Silks & Bookmarks c 1885-1914
Stevengraphs c 1900-1902
Tapestry - Boer War c 1900
Tapestry - Fakes!
Tapestry - Russo-Japanese War c 1905
Tapestry - Spanish-American War c 1898

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