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Great Canadian Furniture Fakes
Early Victorian 1840s Empire Chest

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Great Canadian Furniture

Provenance: The life history of an antique piece of furniture - the provenance - is as important, for establishing its value, as what you see when you look at it. Sometimes more so.

But no one at the auction, where a fabulous secretaire turned up, was interested in the paperwork that came with it. We put its life story together.

Type Great Canadian Furniture Date Style Period
Chair Teak from HMS Powerful 1929 Arts & Crafts
Chairs, pressback Queen Victoria, Edward VII, Laurier, Sampson, Dewey, 1901 Late Victorian
Chest Bird's-eye Maple & Cherry 1840s Early Victorian Empire
Chest Bird's-eye Maple & Cherry 1840s Empire
Chest Bird's-eye, Tiger Maple, & Cherry - Robert Stewart Estate 1860s Mid-Victorian Empire
Coffin Stools Coffin Stool Game Tables - Joe Barfoot Estate 1918 17th, 18th centuries
Desk Quebec Walnut - Caron, Fitzpatrick/Sevigny/Russell Estates 1825 Late Georgian
Secretaire Mahogany - Goodhue/Smallman Estate 1780s Georgian
Table, campaign World War 1, Battle of Cambrai 1820s Military, Arts & Crafts