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Great Canadian Ships

The Ships Pages: Canada is the second biggest country in the word, stretching from sea (the Atlantic), to sea (the Pacific), to sea (the Arctic). It has the longest coastline in the world and contains more fresh water than any other country as well. All its founding peoples - Aboriginal and European - had to cross water at some time to get here. So water transport by ships and boats is inseparable from Canadian History.

Great Canadian Ships 1600-1945

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The Age of Sail and Steam - 1750-2010  
The Newfoundland Fishery by JD Kelly - 1500-1949  
John Cabot Arrives in Canada by JD Kelly - 1497  
Jacques Cartier Arrives in Canada by JD Kelly - 1534 The Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum
Champlain Arrives at Quebec by JD Kelly - 1608 Great Canadian Collections
The Hector Arrives in Pictou, NS by JD Kelly - 1773 Great Canadian Pinback Index
The Royal William at Quebec by JD Kelly - 1784 Great Canadian Plate Index
Mackenzie Crossing the Rockies by Arthur Heming - 1793 Great Canadian Ceramics
The Welland Canal by JD Kelly - 1824 Great Canadian Fabrics
The York Boat by Arthur Heming - 1850 Great Canadian Furniture
The Great Eastern Steamship - 1853 Great Canadian Houses
The Niagara Cataract by Alfred Worseley Holdstock Great Canadian Art & Artists
The Wreck of the SS Atlantic Steamship -1873 Great Canadian Parties
Atlantic Shipwreck by William Nicoll Cresswell - 1880 Great Canadian Sheet Music - 1900
US Battleships - The Spanish American War -1898 Great Canadian Bugles - 1884-1918
Victorian Warships - HMS Highflyer, HMS Calliope, HMS Leander Canada's First Peoples
Victorian Warships - HMS Powerful & HMS Terrible - 1900  
Boer War Troopships -1900  
SS Sardinian Troopship -1900 Great Canadian Fakes & Fakers
SS Milwaukee Troopship -1900  
The Straits of Tsushima - 1905  
Great Canadian Shipping Prints - 1905 - 1950  
Historic Liners - 1905-1958  
RMS Titanic, RMS Lusitania -1912-1915  
The Lusitania Medal - 1915  
The Empress of Ireland Fakes -1914  
The Halifax Explosion - 1917  
Canadian Pacific West Coast Steamships - Princess Ships - 1920s  
Cunard Liner RMS Scythia - 1920-1958  
HMS Prince of Wales -1941