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Great Canadian Ceramics

Lt Harold Borden Memorial Souvenir Plate

Great Canadian Heritage Treasure
Boer War Memorial Plate, Canning, NS c 1903
Orig. ceramic saucer - Size - 17 cm
Found - Hopkinton, MA
Wicker wrapped.
Probably Canada's rarest Boer War plate is this small souvenir saucer, featuring the memorial to Capt. Harold Borden, Canada's most famous casualty during the Boer War, in Canning, Nova Scotia. The wicker casing, completely covering the back, alone, makes it unique among Canadian memorabilia plates. We have never seen another.
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Right, the memorial today, featuring a bust of Harold, and a bronze casting of the engagement at the Vet River, showing Borden in a commanding role, in an engagement for which he was brought to Lord Roberts' attention.