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Arthur Henry Hider (1870-1952) - 7

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Great Canadian Heritage Treasure A fabulously evocative picture of the high point in cattle punching in Alberta in the early 20th century.

The composition is top flight, the whole thing utterly pleasing to the eye and to those who want a glimpse of what life was like "Home on the Range."

Inevitably one of Art superb horses, all alert and intelligent, takes centre stage . The cow puncher is a rugged specimen with the trademark handlebar mustache of the era.

The cook carries a side of beef to be cut up and cook in the cook tent, while a helper peels potatoes.

Out beyond the cattle are at ease, grazing and watering, on the side of a coulee.

Roundup - AH Hider
Orig. wc - Image Size - 23 cm
Found - Calgary, AB
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure Another fabulous painting by Canada's top early 20th century painter of horses.

Returning from the Hunt - Art Hider
Orig. plate - Image Size - 23 cm
Found - Eugene, OR
Great Canadian Heritage Treasure A glorious highlight from Canada's past, captured with flawless elan by Art Hider, probably inspired during the period he lived in western Canada..

But his buffalo - bison to you - and horse are powerful and alive. There is foreground aplenty in this picture. But, like in the best art, by top artists, there is also middle ground interest - another brave chasing the rest of the herd - and background - the meandering Saskatchewan River.

Now go look for middle ground or background interest, in a Riopelle, or Bush, or Poppycock - or come to think of it, foreground interest... since the best they can bring themselves to produce is peeling decaying garage wallpaper.

Their art does not speak for anyone nor represents anything. I have never heard an intelligent discussion in front of a Riopelle.

Which is perfectly proper, since there is nothing intelligent on the canvas... Even the artist on his treadmill, gave up long ago, and just numbers his creations... or leaves it untitled for you to figure out what the mess is all about...

Their art has only one message, "I'm worth a lot, a lot more than you can afford. So there!" It's a taunt the idle rich find irresistible.

Po nis cha pan ne ka pe Hunts Buffalo - 1906
Orig. chromolithograph - Image Size - 36 x 42
Found - Toronto, ON

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